Korinna Horta, Ph.D.
Researcher, Writer & Advisor

Development Finance & Infrastructure Investment
Environmental Sustainability, Social Equity & Accountability

Advising Foundations, Accountability Mechanisms, Research Institutes & NGOs

English, Portuguese, German, French & Spanish


Recent Publications


On the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the first multilateral bank in which Beijing gets to set the rules, including environmental and social standards:

“Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): Die neue globale Playerin unter der Lupe,” in Global+ Globalisierung und Nord/Sued-Politik ( Swiss Journal), Nº 67, Bern, Fall 2017.

On the new approach adopted by development banks which focus on “de-risking” private sector investments as a means to promote economic growth:

International Financial Institutions Must Heed Lessons Learned in Regard to Displacement and Poverty,” in Development & Cooperation ( International Journal), July 2017 (also published in the German language edition).

On environmental and social risks of large-scale infrastructure investment as pushed for by the G 20 and supported by multilateral banks:

Vorher Arm, Jetzt Hoffnungslos” in: Boell Thema 1/ 2017, Die G 20 am Scheideweg, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin, 2017.